Furcletta Trail Lenzerheide to Arosa with MTB


furcletta trail

Furcletta Trail Transfer

The Furcletta trail is a mountain trail that connects Switzerland’s Lenzerheide and Aroza.

From Lenzerheide, take two lifts to Rothorngipfen.

From there, we will continue along the mountain trail called Furcletta Transfer, but this route is difficult to travel on a bicycle.

Use the Bike Kingdom app to check your location as you proceed.

We had planned to get to the trailhead in about 2 hours, but it took about 3 hours.

map furcletta

Furcletta Trail

The scenery, the difficulty, everything about this trail is great.

There are no dangerous places where you can fall, and you can even see animals like large rats.

with Bike across suspension bridges and cross meltwater streams.

A very adventurous mountain bike trail.

important point

There will be no resupply and you will be pushing your bike up the trail for about 3 hours, so please bring plenty of food and water.

From start to finish, I only saw two groups of climbers and one mountain biker.

If you go alone, you need to take precautions in case of an emergency.

The lift(urdenbahn) from Arosa to Lenzerheide only runs on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you go on weekdays you will have to climb the mountain when returning to Lenzerheide.(1hour)