Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 rewiew


Specialized Butcher T9 Grid Trail

specialized butcher

The Specialized Butcher GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready T9 is a tire designed for aggressive trail or enduro riding.

Here are some key features:

  • It features a World-Cup proven aggressive tread design that provides maximum traction and accurate steering in any condition.
  • The center tread blocks are ramped and siped for maximum traction.
  • The shoulder knobs are shaped like sawtooth faces, offering a continuous biting edge for railing through corners.
  • The tire uses the GRIPTON® T9 compound, which is high-damping and rebounds slowly to grip and stick to the ground for total traction and control.
  • The GRID TRAIL casing is a step up from GRID with more reinforcement, delivering better handling at lower pressures. It also increases pinch flat protection by 15% and puncture protection by 30%.
  • The tire is available in different sizes: 29 x 2.3 inches, 29 x 2.6 inches, and 27.5/650b x 2.3 and 2.6 inches.
  • It’s also part of a limited-edition collaboration with Specialized Soil Searching. A portion of the sales will be donated through Soil Searching to support activities essential to mountain biking.

Please note that the actual performance may vary based on the specific conditions and usage.

I tested the 29×2.6 for front this time.

specialized butcher

Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 2.6 real spec

The weight was 1047g, and the tire width was exactly 2.6 when mounted on a 30mm DT Swiss rim.

The T9 rubber feels considerably softer to the touch than the Assegai’s Maxxterra, and the knobs are a bit lower.

I am using 18psi air pressure in the front tire, and I think it has reached its lifespan after six months of intense use.

specialized butcher

Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 ride Rewiew

  • Decending

I used it mounted on a Nicolai G1 at the Megavalanche and Mountain of Hell.

I felt that the soft rubber grips well on rocky terrain, delivering top performance, and it also seemed to be slip-resistant on dirt trails.

In rock sections, the vibration damping performance is excellent, and it is considerably high-performing compared to other tires.

All tires tend to slip on wet roots and rocks, but the Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 is less slippery than expected, and it’s easy to anticipate when it will slip.

I used it on all conceivable surfaces such as rocks, roots, and gravel at bike parks and races for half a year, and I never experienced a puncture or burp.

The weakness of the Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 is in wet soil. When mounted on the front, it slips more than the Assegai.

specialized butcher
  • Climbing

On asphalt climbs, the grip of the T9 rubber was good, so the rolling resistance was noticeably stronger, but I didn’t feel that off-road.

Specialized Butcher Grid Trail T9 Pros Cons

specialized butcher
  • pros

high puncture resistance,

grips in all conditions,

the rubber is soft but durable,

excellent damping performance.

  • cons

It has a short lifespan when used regularly.

When the knobs are low, can’t perform well when mud gets clogged.