Bikepark Winterberg Rewiews 2023


Bikepark Winterberg

Bikepark Winterberg in Upland, Germany.

At Bikepark Winterberg 16 trails for beginners to pros.

Course difficulty is color-coded in blue, red, and black.

Flowing trails, step ups and downs, gaps and much more.

Modern chairlifts provide comfortable uphill transport and our track team ensures that you can always shred top

The lift is a type that hooks on the front wheels and is self-service.
The staff will help children and those who are not good at it.

bikepark winterberg lift

The trail map is easy to understand, so you won’t get lost.

bikepark winterberg
bikepark winterberg trail map

Bikepark Winterberg Ticket and Opening

It will be open until November 5th in 2023.
The lift is open from 9:30am to 5:25pm, and the bike station is open until 6pm.

All tickets have increased by around 4 euros compared to 2022, while lift price increases have been implemented at almost all bike parks in Europe.

bikepark winterberg ticket price

The Bikepark Winterberg offers a variety of lift tickets for different durations and age groups. Here is a summary of the lift ticket prices for the 2023 season:

Ticket TypePrice (in €)
Lift-Tageskarten (Adults, born 2005 or earlier)41.50
Lift-Tageskarten (Youth, born 2006-2007)29.00
Lift-Tageskarten (Children, born 2008 or later)20.50
Vormittagskarte (valid until 1:30 PM)33.00
Nachmittagskarte (valid from 1:30 PM)33.00
10 Fahrten*35.00
20 Fahrten*62.00
Je weiterer Tag**33.00
price bikepark winterberg

Bikepark Winterberg bike rental

Of course, you can also rent Propine mountain bikes for children and adults.

You can also rent helmets and protectors, so you don’t have to come empty-handed.

also you need only money!

Bikepark Winterberg Routes

This is true of all the courses at bike park Winterberg, but the course layout makes it easy to see what’s ahead, so there’s no fear.

YouTube videos show black line, freeride, and black enduro.

The Black Line has all the gimmicks you need for downhill mountain biking, such as rocky areas, wall rides, jumps, and drops, and it’s a lot of fun.

Freeride is a high-speed course with large berms and jumps.

It’s not in the video, but there’s a big wall ride on the North Shore course, and there are a lot of crashes here, and often ambulances come and the course is temporarily closed for rescue.

The time for each course is short, about 2 to 3 minutes, but there are so many gimmicks inside that you won’t get bored, and new courses are opened every year, so it’s a bike park that you look forward to coming to every year.