Stif Squatch rewiew


I’ve ridden it for a year, so I’m writing a review.

I am 180cm tall and bought size M.
a little small for me

I imported the frame from England and assembled it myself.

Neither the head bearing nor the B B standard is special, so assembly wasn’t difficult if you have the right tools.

A dropper post can also be attached, but it is not attached this time.

At first, I was riding with 29 inches, but I changed it to mallet specification and tried it.

This was surprisingly easy to ride and was fun at the bike park

Stif Sqatch specification

Fork  rockshox recon 130mm

Brake shimano mt200

Wheel Mavic Crossmax XL29 Deemax 27.5

Tire. Maxxis Forekaster 29×2.6. Specialized Eliminator 27.5×26

Drivetrain Sram SX GX mix


The seat tube is steep at 78°, so it’s easy to put effort into pedaling.

it’s a hardtail, click pedals are recommended on rough roads as your feet will be off the pedals.

tire is a 29×26-inch thick tire, I was riding with the front air pressure 1, 2 rear 1, 3 my weight 80kg.


When you go decending, monsters will appear.

The fork is only 130mm, but it doesn’t feel lacking

The thick

tires on the back absorb the shock, so the grip is perfect.

Click pedals are recommended on rough roads as the pedals and feet are separated.


I felt that it could be used as a cross-country bike with light wheels and tires.

The frame is made of steel, making it sturdy.

It can also be a full-suspension riding toy that wants stimulation.


Not suitable for people who care about their weight.