How to Megavalanche


What ist Megavalanche?


I will write about the race that I have participated in 4 times and is said to be the toughest in the world.

Megavalanche is a Mountainbike downhill race in Alpe d huez France.

Held annually in the first week of July, nearly 1000 riders took part in 2023.

Categories include e-bikes, ladies, muscle bikes and kids’ bikes.

The course is 21km long from PicBlanc to Alemont with a drop of 2700m and includes snow, rocks, forests and gravel roads.

The races are held on Fridays for the preliminary rounds and on Saturdays and Sundays for the main rounds, and are divided into classes according to their ranking in the preliminary rounds.

What do you need for Megavalanche?

Wearing a full-face helmet and back protector is compulsory.

Others are up to you, but it is better to have knee protectors and gloves.

Mountain bikes can be HT or fat bikes, but full suspension is recommended.

The following equipment is good to have

Eyeware.   A lot of mud flies on your face.

suncreme,  Because of the high altitude, the sun is strong.

elbowpad, You will definitely clash.

spare tire, The risk of punctures is high on rocky terrain. Candidates for the championship also have punctured for the second year in a row and missed the championship.

For rear needs a strong downhill tire.

brake pad, It will decrease with great momentum.

hanger,    hit the rock.

co2pump,   It’s better to be there even if it’s only during the race.

minitool,   should always have.

jacket. The waiting time at the top of the mountain is long at the start.

9Tips Megavalanche

Please leave early because the waiting time for the lift is long when going to the start point of the qualifying.

In the main race, the waiting time for the lift to the top of the mountain is long, so you may want to take it easy.

Course practice is only in the morning, but it is possible on any day of the week.

It is not recommended before the race as the lifts will be crowded.

The course will be congested with other participants in the main race, so those aiming for a good position will need to get out early in the first snow.

The main battle doesn’t go as well as practice.

Protect your frame with old tires as you will hit the rocks.

If you ride a snow course, your shoes will get wet, so please take measures.

There are many fun trails besides the race course, so let’s have fun!