Magped Ultra 2 Rewiew

Magped Ultra 2

magped ulrta 2

The cleat is a magnetic pedal.

The magnet is only equipped on one side, not a double-sided SPD.

The weight is 381g, which is light even though it is a magnetic pedal.

There are magnet strengths of 100, 150, and 200, I bought 200N.

The reason is that I use 200N with Magped Enduro 2,and I like it.

Magped Ultra 2 test with Roadbike

magped ultra 2

Installed on Cervelo Caledonia.

My previous pedals were Crank Brothers Egg beaters, but the MagPed have a wider adhesive surface and feel more comfortable.

At first, I was confused because the previous habit remained when I took it off, but after practicing for about an hour, I no longer had any problems.

Even if you crash, if you try to speak with too much force for a moment, your foot will come off the pedal, so I don’t think there’s any danger.

When you put on Magped Ultra 2, the weight of the magnet always keeps the magnetic side facing down, so you can attach your shoes and pedals without any confusion.

Magped Ultra 2 VS Magped Enduro 2

I have Magped Ultra 2 and Magped Enduro 2, so I’ll compare both.

I use both pedals 200N magnet power.

Shoes Fiveten trail cross.

Magped Enduro 2

The biggest difference is Magped Enduro 2 hat are cleats on both sides.

I use it on hard trails, so I attach it to my Enduro mountain bike.

The next big difference is that the pins can be adjusted.

The initial adjustment will be tedious, but once you’re done with it it’ll work perfectly.

The Magped Ultra 2 is great for gravel, road, and cross-country mountain biking, but not for enduro.

Magped Ultra 2 Price

It’s 180 euro. I bought it on eBay and got it for 90 euros.

Pedal is lot of likes and dislikes when it comes to pedals, so there are used ones that are cheap and good.

Since the cleats do not wear out its magnet, life is longer than Crank Brothers.

Magped Ultra 2 summary

magped ultra

it’s the best SPD pedal.

It would be nice if it could stick to the cleat a little more easily, but it can be done with some adjustment.

The 200N magnet allows for pulling and pulling, so there is no shortage of SPD pedals.

Magped ultra 2 pros cons

  • Pros
  • Although it is a magnetic pedal, it is light.
  • Easy to locate magnets
  • Cleats don’t wear out
  • Easy to come off in an emergency
  • Cons
  • choose shoes
  • expensive
  • Difficult to locate magnet