Bikepark Spicak in Czech Rewiew



Bikepark Spicak opening hours

The bike park Spicak near the Czech-German border is open from May to October.

Open only on weekends in May and October.

Lift hours are from 9:00 to 16:30.

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Bikepark Spicak course Trails

There are 7 courses including the practice course.

The course layout has a difficulty level that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to children to advanced riders.

spicak trails

Bikepark Spicak Lift

A lift is a type that suspends the front wheel of a bicycle on a lift.

Give your Mountainbike to the staff and they will do it for you.

This service is helpful because it is a little difficult to hook the front wheels to a moving lift.

When you take your bicycle off the lift, you don’t have to worry because the staff will help you get it down.

spicak lift

Ride Couse

There are signs as soon as you get off the lift, so you won’t get lost.

The Black Line was under construction, so I rode the Red Line[black friday] a lot.

Red Line’s Black Friday offers everything from rocky areas to jumping and dropping.

The one I liked the most was this wall ride.


There is a jump after riding the speed on this wall, so you will get a lot of adrenaline.

The Blue Line course layout is centered on berms, and there are no jumps or drops.

I had planned to play all day since the lift fees are cheap, but since the bike park was smaller than I expected, I felt that half a day would be enough time.